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Content in all Things


An article on Contentment by our dear friend Chelsey Meissner which can be found on Whole Magazine

A wonderful Podcast by Marci Ferrell

An article by Sinclair Ferguson on Ligonier Ministries

Melissa Kruger teaching on Contentment Ligonier Ministries

Sermon by Charles Spurgeon

The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs



Identity in Christ




Desiring God – Jen Wilkin
Jen Wilkins- discusses setting aside finding our own self worth and looking to Christ for our identity and worth.

5 Day devo on identity by Jasmine Holmes


Thankful Homemaker – Marci Ferrell

Marci explains how our identity is not in being a wife or mother or daughter or employee but who we are in Christ.



Slave by John MacArthur   

(slave is about our identity as slaves)

Identity Theft by Melissa Kruger

Online resources for further reading:

What is Sanctification by Ligonier