What is our Standard?



On this episode we discuss scripture, and why scripture is our ultimate and final authority. We define scripture as the 66 books found in the Bible today. 39 from the Old Testament and the 27 books from the New Testament. These 66 books are called our canon. Canon is “a rule that provides direction and a standard against which to measure.” Where did we get the canon we have today? In order for a work to be classified as canonical it had to meet a certain criteria. Its content had to be truthful and not contradict previously accepted books of scripture. It needed apostolic or prophetic authorship, or written by one closely associated with an apostle or prophet. Often time’s miracles were performed by God through men to validate their message. The writing needed to have been accepted as God’s Word by the ones who originally received it. Our canon first began when God commanded Moses to write down revelation and read it to the people of Israel in Exodus chapters 24. This is the origin of Genesis to Deuteronomy (also called the Torah or Pentateuch). God had Moses preserve the revelation in the Ark of the Covenant in Exodus 25. After Moses died, God inspired prophets and authors to write the Old Testament history, Hebrew poetry, major and minor prophets and wisdom literature. God’s people came to recognize that these writings were also part of the canon of scripture. 1st Century Jews believed that the Pentateuch, major and minor prophets, and writings (historic, poetic, and wisdom) were canonical. Jesus knowing this, told his disciples in Luke 24:44 that all that was written concerning him in the entire canon was to be fulfilled.

We believe the Bible to be a central component in the Christian faith, without the Bible as our standard we have no way to discern what is true and false. In this episode we go into more detail why we trust the Bible and why the Bible is the ultimate standard. We also added some resources that aided in our research, and that we found to be edifying. We really hope that you take the time to listen to the whole podcast! May the Lord bless and keep you




On how scripture is self authenticating  

Scripture Alone by James White

Standing on the Rock by James Boice Montgomery

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Podcast Episode 1: What is our standard?